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Mining and tunneling, be it open pit or underground, is an industry with elevated costs and correspondingly high safety hazards. Within this industry there is a focus on HS&E, which is governed by territorial regulations, company rules and social corporate responsibility.

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International Tunnelling and Underground Space Association Website. From ancient times, ore extraction has involved extensive underground excavation of tunnels, shafts, galleries and caverns, by different mining methods that have evolved in time, along with the technology of excavation and support.. In underground mines, a number of openings are necessary for different purposes: main shaft ...

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Mining and tunnelling operations quarterly report (PDF 65 KB) Mine and tunnel plans If you are a mining or tunnelling operation, the Health and Safety at Work (Mining Operations and Quarrying Operations) Regulations 2016 require that you send WorkSafe a copy of a mine plan at least every year.

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I knew that by tunnelling either way I should gain no advantage. The Boy Tar. Mayne Reid. The possibility of tunnelling in a vertical direction was now apparent. The Boy Tar. Mayne Reid. It is a low-grade ore, I should say, and tunnelling and shoring would eat it up. Peter. F. Hopkinson Smith.

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Mining & Tunnelling MCE Lasers has developed an innovative laser range for the mining and tunnelling industry. We manufacture intrinsically safe (explosion proof) and tunnelling lasers with a superior range of up to 2 km. Single and dual beam lasers with tailored receiver technology will provide your underground alignment solutions.

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Product info: Mining & Tunnelling Vehicles. Here you can find out more about our products. Simply fill out the form below.

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Mining Technology. Mechanized tunnelling increases mining efficiency. Learn more. ProductDetail. Raise Boring Rig (RBR) Rapid, systematic and secure shaft construction. Learn more. Horizontal, vertical or inclined: our machines build underground infrastructures in all directions. ProductDetail.

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The youngest member of the Tunnelling Journal team, Amanda was brought up in North London by a family of graphic design and media professionals. ... Rory moved to the USA in 1990 to what was originally known as Celtite Inc, the supplier of resin cartridges to the Tunnelling and Mining Industry, where he remained for nearly twenty years. The ...

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