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VELUX sun tunnels bring natural light into even the darkest spaces through a specially designed tunnel that passes from roof to ceiling. Read more.

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The VELUX SUN TUNNEL Skylight bypasses all obstacles, using an adaptable reflecting tube to direct daylight into every corner of your home. The effect is brighter and more comfortable living areas.

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Like Spiral Jetty and Double Negative, Sun Tunnels stands as a massive testament to human will. The work’s orientation is precisely calibrated so that its four tubes frame the sun on the horizon at the summer and winter solstices, creating a kind of lens that engulfs the body.

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12/15/2018 · I visited both the Sun Tunnels (an “Earthwork,” or “Land Art,” by artist Nancy Holt) and Spiral Jetty (also an Earthwork, by Holt’s husband, Robert Smithson, on the Great Salt Lake, Rozel Point, Utah) recently, and have essentially the same thing to say about each...

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AFFORDABLE AND AMAZING VELUX SUN TUNNELS. VELUX Sun Tunnel skylights are the most economical way to bring in natural light into dark spaces like laundry rooms, kitchens, hallways or other small spaces that need more natural light brought in. VELUX Sun Tunnels are quick and easy to install and come with a 20-year tunnel warranty.

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Natural daylight brings your indoor spaces to life in ways that a simple lamp can’t. Experience the changing light ofthe seasons and times of day anywhere there’s a VELUX sun tunnel.

VELUX sun tunnels - Sun tunnel solutions for flat and ...

Nancy Holt, an artist exploring the human perception of time and space, earth and sky, built the Sun Tunnels as a unique art project completed in 1976.

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